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Family trip to the dentist. Turns out it's a good season for spotting hawks.

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Excuse me while I kiss the sky. -Jimi Hendrix

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 I took another trip out to the Bear River Bird Refuge. The water is back and so are the carp. Kind of surprising how fast they repopulate. Saw lots of herons and other water birds but no pelicans this time. I'm wondering if they have moved on already, 

heron catches a snake

I've also treated myself to a new computer, I found a really good deal on a good, slightly used laptop. editing my photos is much faster and the screen even works so I'm mobile once again.
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During a trip up American Fork Canyon on my way to Cascade Springs I came across this guy on a old burnt tree next to the road. He was considerate enough to pose for several minutes before flying off.

Vulture spreads it wings


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