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Spend most of my evening trying to meet up with Shonduras.

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Man, I really like Vegas. -Elvis Presley

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 I went out to watch the Perseids meteor shower on Saturday. While I tried another set of star trails with considerably more success. Not professional quality yet, but a good start. 

star trails

This was made from seven 10 minute exposures at f/8 at 400iso. I believe the purple on the left side is lens flair from passing cars. Long exposure noise reduction was turned off so I need to figure out how to remove the noise in post processing. I am also wondering if shorter exposures would decrease the noise as well. Unfortunately we havn't had many clear nights since so I havn't had much chance to experiment.

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 I've fixed the focus on the casio. I was right it was the auto focus. When I removed the hot mirror it threw off the auto focus. Last night I picked up an old frame from a thrift store for a buck and cut the glass roughly to the size of the hot mirror and installed that in my camera. Now everything is very crisp and clear. Unfortunately the zoom no longer functions. This isn't a big concern, I intend to use this mostly for landscapes. Another day I may open it up again and try to fix it.

Tonight I plan to head out to the desert to watch the metor showers. I'm going to try the star trails again while I'm out there. I'm better prepared this time hopefully it will work out better then last time.

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I made it out to the Knolls last Friday night to attempt a couple of star trail photos. Unfortunately I didn't take into account a nearly full moon. The moon ended up washing out most of the stars in the sky. In addition I had difficulty with my remote shutter release which doesn't seem to work most of the time now. I've ordered a timer remote from amazon. I hope it will make these kind of shoots easier. Aside from the moon there seemed to be very little light pollution in the area. I'm planning to head back there for the Perseids meteor shower. I'll be making sure to test my equipment closer to home beforehand.

I did take a few shots of the moon over the sand dunes with the intention of merging them into a HDR image. I'm pleased with the results,. The experience wasn't a total loss.

Moonlight on Sand
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Found this great article by Harold Davis on how to create star trail photos.

I tried a few last year during the Perseids metor shower with varying results. (Didn't happen to capture any metors either.)
I found that the long exposures drained my battery incredibly quickly. I will probably head out to the salt flats or the sand dunes this weekend to try this out.


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