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My plague doctor mask is wearable now. However I think I'll be adding a second strap to help support it and I need to either smooth or pad the nose piece. It's will wear the skin off my nose if I wear it for too long. I've tried it on with the goggles and hat. I'm quite pleased with the look of it. Cool and a little bit creepy. I've started work on another leather top-hat. If this one works out, I think I'll call it frankenhat.

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My mask it pretty much done, I just have to fit the straps and probably pad the nose piece. I make at two more straps for show.

I've taken the day off to work on hats. I think i've got it figured out pretty good. I made a practice one out of muslin.

Now I'm ripping apart an old coat to see if i can make a leather one.
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Finished my mask pattern and got it transfered to the leather and the leather cut out. Then i found the leather die I've had in storage for 25 years is all dried up. I'll have to wait till i can get to the leather store tomorrow.

While I'm waiting I've started on the pattern for my hat. I think I'm going to start with this one...

It seems realitivly easy for a newbie like me.

Also snooped through the thrift stores today. Found a couple of suede jackets for 99 cents each. One is slightly pink tinted. I think it might make a cute top-hat for my girl.
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had a breakthrough while working on my plague doctor respirator pattern last night. I think it's going to work. I just need to smooth out some of the sharp angles and figure out where best to attach the straps. The length of it causes some unique problems with balance and how the straps will fall. I also need to figure out what i'm going to use for accessories and how I'm going to attach them.

Went to see Hugo in 3d yesterday. It's a very good movie> the 3d doesn't get in the way of the plot or cinematography and feel very natural. I like it when the special effects support the movie and not the other way around.


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