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Just finished my latest gun. I wanted to try combining a bunch of found objects and really make it steampunkish. It's nonfunctional but I think it's a fun prop. I'm calling it the X3 Mostly Nonlethal Anti-personal Blunderbuss.



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Finished my first full out gun mod a few days ago. Just haven't had time to post it yet. This was mad from a buzz bee tek-3. It's a really inexpensive nerf type gun. sometimes you can find sets of two or three for $5 new at the store. I got mine for 75 cents at a thrift shop. It makes me think of a small gun a gambler might keep up his sleeve or tucked into a showgirl's garter.

Next project I'm going to try to make a gun from scratch. From odds and ends I've gathered in my explorations. It won't actually shoot anything, but I'm hoping to end up with a decent showpiece.


May. 28th, 2012 11:02 am
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It's been a busy couple of days. CONduit snuck up on me, I just found out about it last Thursday and I had to finish my mask fitting on Friday to have it ready to go Saturday morning. It worked wonderfull and was actually quite comfortable. I wore it for nearly 5 hours straight with no problems at all. The steampunk community had a good showing and did an awsome job on the two panels they ran. I got a lot of positive attention for my costume which was really gratifying. It's nice to know that all my work was appreciated. Quite a few people asked to take my photo, though not as many as the full sized wookie that was wandering around.

Fox13 didn't seem to know how to classify me. I got labeled as "everything in between" on the news.
(for some reason embed isn't working)
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Woke up at 4 am and can't get back to sleep. Think I might still be a little over stimulated from last night. Lots of thoughts and ideas whirling about in my head. thinking that maybe if i jot some down I might be able to get back to sleep.

The steampunk get together went well. It was fun to finally get to dress up some. They were all very nice and accepting. Although the venue was way to noisy, it was hard to hear the conversation at the other end of the table. The food was only so-so, but I didn't really go for the food anyway.

I've had a cold for most of the week and have been too wiped out after work to do much. I'm finally feeling better and I'm excited to get back to some of my pet projects.

A couple of nights ago I took this on-line test ( ) for asperger's syndrome. I actually took it twice, the first time I answered the with the most extreme of my tendencies and compulsions then a second time with more moderate answers. Both times it came back saying I probably have asperger's. I know it's not an official diagnostic tool, but it does explain a lot my tendencies and preferences. I've suspected for several years I might have a mild version of it. I'm not sure where to go from here. I don't think an official diagnosis would be much of a benefit since this isn't a debilitating condition for me and doesn't prevent me from functioning in society. All it would do is let me know for certain and I could say, "See? I'm not a hypochondriac." I am a little concerned about my daughter. She's always shown signs of OCD which is a part of asperger's, but when she was younger she was tested for autism and it came back negative.
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I've finally finished frankenhat. It's been stained black and I've added a custom copper chain as the hat band and my spectacle protectors attached to that. Just in time to wear it to a steampunk dinner and meet and greet tomorrow night. It's been a rough week and I've comedown with a cold, I hope I feel well enough to make it. being the introvert I am, I'm bit nervous about going to this alone as well with no one to run conversational interference for me.

test gun

May. 8th, 2012 10:13 pm
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I've been doing some research on how to mod toy guns. So I visited the local thrift store and bought a 75 cent gun to practice on. Keep in mind it is my first attempt at this.



What have I learned? Lay down a coat of plastic primer first. Sand with a smaller grit sand paper. I've also found a good tutorial on painting fake wood grain. Now on to the next practice gun.
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My plague doctor mask is wearable now. However I think I'll be adding a second strap to help support it and I need to either smooth or pad the nose piece. It's will wear the skin off my nose if I wear it for too long. I've tried it on with the goggles and hat. I'm quite pleased with the look of it. Cool and a little bit creepy. I've started work on another leather top-hat. If this one works out, I think I'll call it frankenhat.

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So here's attempt #1 at a top-hat it looks better then in the picture I promise. How ever the leather I used was very thin so it doesn't have a lot of body to it. It has a kind of crooked disreputable look to it. Every attempt is a learning experience.

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My mask it pretty much done, I just have to fit the straps and probably pad the nose piece. I make at two more straps for show.

I've taken the day off to work on hats. I think i've got it figured out pretty good. I made a practice one out of muslin.

Now I'm ripping apart an old coat to see if i can make a leather one.

plague mask

Apr. 2nd, 2012 10:44 am
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My plague mask is close to being done, the leather has been stained and sewn together. Now i just need to figure out where to attach the straps and at what angle to keep this thing on my face.

In other news I've received my pinterest invite. I'm not sure how useful it will be, or how much I'll use it, but i figure it couldn't hurt to play around with with it. I've already got some good ides off of it.
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Finished my mask pattern and got it transfered to the leather and the leather cut out. Then i found the leather die I've had in storage for 25 years is all dried up. I'll have to wait till i can get to the leather store tomorrow.

While I'm waiting I've started on the pattern for my hat. I think I'm going to start with this one...

It seems realitivly easy for a newbie like me.

Also snooped through the thrift stores today. Found a couple of suede jackets for 99 cents each. One is slightly pink tinted. I think it might make a cute top-hat for my girl.
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had a breakthrough while working on my plague doctor respirator pattern last night. I think it's going to work. I just need to smooth out some of the sharp angles and figure out where best to attach the straps. The length of it causes some unique problems with balance and how the straps will fall. I also need to figure out what i'm going to use for accessories and how I'm going to attach them.

Went to see Hugo in 3d yesterday. It's a very good movie> the 3d doesn't get in the way of the plot or cinematography and feel very natural. I like it when the special effects support the movie and not the other way around.


Mar. 14th, 2012 09:02 pm
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I finished my goggles last night. Well, probably not finished but usable. I'll probably add some more bits and pieces, a pressure guage, some copper here and there as I'm inspired. Starting from this...

I ended up with these...

I was at my favorite cool clothing store (that I can't afford to shop at) recently looking at top hats. Got talking with one of the salespersons and it turns out he makes and mods goggles, so we ended up trading ideas back and forth for a while. Then he said he had some old Styrofoam heads in the back if I wanted one for fitting hats and masks. So i walked out with a free head. I've named it Hedly in tribute to one of the greatest movie villains ever

next up on my to-do list is figuring out a pattern for my plague mask.
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I'm debating if i should create another blogg for my steampunk alter ego and my creation process. Something more accessible then dreamwidth is.

Part of my problem was find a set of goggles i could wear over my glasses. I just finished a set of clip-ons fabricated from copper wire. They are quite striking when i wear them. I think with the right gas mask and top hat it will look pretty creepy.

I've also found a good set of wielding goggles with flip-up lenses i intend to work on next. I think i can make some cool mods to them.

Need to find a good hat. Costume shop hats have been way over priced and poor fits. the best i've found so far has been at spencer's gifts for $24. Eventually I intend to make make my own out of leather. Ideally i'd like to find one like Johnny Depp wore in dead man. It's short enough that i could wear it regularly with out attracting to much attention.

Found a small sewing machine at a thrift store for $7. I intend to learn some basic sewing. On the same trip i found some ankle high men's boots shiny and black with a big buckle on the side. They also have a 2 inch heel which i am not used to at all. I'm debating if i could stand to wear them through a con.


Feb. 19th, 2012 10:42 am
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I've been getting more and more into the steampunk. When i was in art school before i even knew what steam punk was I think a lot of my work had a steampunk feel to it.


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