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I've finally finished frankenhat. It's been stained black and I've added a custom copper chain as the hat band and my spectacle protectors attached to that. Just in time to wear it to a steampunk dinner and meet and greet tomorrow night. It's been a rough week and I've comedown with a cold, I hope I feel well enough to make it. being the introvert I am, I'm bit nervous about going to this alone as well with no one to run conversational interference for me.

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My plague doctor mask is wearable now. However I think I'll be adding a second strap to help support it and I need to either smooth or pad the nose piece. It's will wear the skin off my nose if I wear it for too long. I've tried it on with the goggles and hat. I'm quite pleased with the look of it. Cool and a little bit creepy. I've started work on another leather top-hat. If this one works out, I think I'll call it frankenhat.

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So here's attempt #1 at a top-hat it looks better then in the picture I promise. How ever the leather I used was very thin so it doesn't have a lot of body to it. It has a kind of crooked disreputable look to it. Every attempt is a learning experience.

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My mask it pretty much done, I just have to fit the straps and probably pad the nose piece. I make at two more straps for show.

I've taken the day off to work on hats. I think i've got it figured out pretty good. I made a practice one out of muslin.

Now I'm ripping apart an old coat to see if i can make a leather one.
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Finished my mask pattern and got it transfered to the leather and the leather cut out. Then i found the leather die I've had in storage for 25 years is all dried up. I'll have to wait till i can get to the leather store tomorrow.

While I'm waiting I've started on the pattern for my hat. I think I'm going to start with this one...

It seems realitivly easy for a newbie like me.

Also snooped through the thrift stores today. Found a couple of suede jackets for 99 cents each. One is slightly pink tinted. I think it might make a cute top-hat for my girl.


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